Jim Holder
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Pricing Your Home

For Sale By Owner

Can you find 1:59 min to watch this video offering super advice on pricing your home? Did you know 93-96% of homes are sold by real estate pros. This short 2:01 min video shares little known fact about selling your home.

Buying a Home

Referral Video

There's more to buying a home than you think. Watch my short 1:39 min video explaining the process. Let me work for you! I value YOU and will exceed your expectations. Please watch this 2:04 min video and then let's talk.

Selling Your Home

Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent

I understand buyer emotions and have the expertise to sell your home. Watch my 2:04 min video to get to know me and my services a little better. How do you choose the right agent for your home sale or purchase? My 2:16 min video helps you make this decision.